Light a Fire Episode 002 Scott Matzka [Podcast]

I have interviewed thousands of famous athletes over my career. Martina Navratilova. Tom Brady. But no interview has been as important as this one.

In 1998, #Scott Matzka assisted on the goal-winning goal in overtime to lift the University of Michigan hockey program to a national championship. After playing professional hockey for 11 years, Scott, 38, is now in the fight of his life battling #ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

In this gripping interview, he discusses that special national championship season, playing hockey overseas, how ALS is slowly taking over his body, the difficulty of just picking up a fork (at one point in our interview, he struggles for a full 15 seconds to try and turn off his ringing phone) dealing with his mortality, and spending precious time with wife and two young children.

This is a message that needs to be heard. Please share it with all your friends and social networks. Life is precious...LISTEN NOW