Terminally ill former Cardiff Devils star 'heartbroken' to tell his children he won’t get better

A former Cardiff Devils player who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease has spoken of the heartbreak of telling his children he won’t get better.

Scott Matzka, 38, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in September 2015 and a series of events in Cardiff in the coming days will aim to raise funds for his care.

The Michigan-born ice hockey star said: “Nothing compares to the difficulty of looking at my kids and knowing they’re going to probably only remember me as a sick man.

“They are four and seven years old. They don’t know what amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (motor neurone disease) is.

“All they know is that daddy can’t run or skate with them.

“And when my kids read this story some day I want them to know that I fought this disease and that I did everything in my power to defeat it.

“And the worst part, the part that wrenches my heart, is reminding them that daddy is probably not going to get better.”...READ MORE