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Supporting the Matzka family is a turn worth taking.

No turns matter more than the ones we take for those in need. Too often our gifts go to places we will never visit. Benefit people we will never meet.

This turn is different. These needs have names and faces and dreams. They have eyes that tell us so much more than their voices. So take the turn that matters. Support the Matzka family.


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Why your donation is so important to ALS patients.

ALS steals. It steals the ability to run, walk or move in the slightest way. It robs victims of the capacity to speak, smile, laugh, hug, eat, drink and, in the end, even breathe.

ALS steals everything - including the money necessary to care for a pALS (person with ALS) and that needed to fund a secure future for their loved ones.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is an expensive disease. All the numbers associated with ALS are frightening. Some are alarmingly small. Others are distressingly large. Among the depressing small numbers are an average life expectancy of only two to five years. The fact that every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS and someone dies of it. And finally, this: There is only one drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of ALS.

At the other end of the spectrum are the impossibly large numbers - the estimated $2,000,000,000 it will take to develop a drug to slow or stop ALS. Or $250,000, which is the estimated annual price tag to care for a pALS.


It may cost this much - or more - to care for a patient with ALS for just one year, much of which is not covered by insurance.

Every turn matters.

The costs to care for ALS patients are staggering, and many of them are not covered by insurance. So if you’re thinking a modest donation would be too small to matter, think again. Many small costs add up quickly to an overwhelming financial burden. Please help lighten the load.







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Take a turn. Lend a hand

For those ready to take action in other ways, we'd love to get connected. There are so many ways to help the Matzka family.

I'm taking my turn by helping Scott Matzka battle #ALS at scottmatzka.com.

Will you?